Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Being in IT support we are often asked similar questions a lot of the time. We have therefore compiled a list of common questions and possible solutions to help aid you in solving your own computer issues. Please click on a section to the left to find faq's about certain areas of IT.

Computer FAQ's

-- My computer does not turn on, what do I do now?
-- What do I do when my computer crashes?
-- What do I do if my hard disk fails to work?

Monitor FAQ's

-- There is no display on the monitor, what do I do now?
-- What do I do if the image on screen is distorted or skewed?
-- I get a 'no signal input' message, what do I do?
-- There are black borders on my screen, what do I do?

Mouse & Keyboard FAQ's

-- Why is my mouse acting erratically?
-- The wheel on my mouse isn't working properly, what do I do?
-- How can I clean my keyboard?

Windows 7 FAQ's

-- How do I upgrade my computer from my current version of Windows to Windows 7?
-- Should I install the 32-bit or 64-bit version of Windows 7?
-- How do I install Windows 7 on a netbook?
-- Should I choose the Upgrade or Custom option during installation?
-- Do I need to format my hard disk before installing Windows 7?
-- Do I need to boot from the installation disc or a USB flash drive in order to install Windows 7?
-- Can I install Windows 7 and keep my existing version of Windows?
-- Can I uninstall Windows 7?
-- Will my programs work with Windows 7?
-- Can I use my product key on more than one computer?

Windows 8 FAQ's

-- How do I update to Windows 8.1?
-- How much does Windows 8.1 cost?
-- Can my PC run Windows 8.1?
-- How much free space do I need to update?
-- Will I be able to keep my files, settings, and apps?
-- Will my devices and apps be compatible with Windows 8.1?
-- Is Windows Media Center included in my update?
-- Will I be able to play DVDs after updating to Windows 8.1?
-- Can I change my language when I update?
-- Can I update from a 32-bit version of Windows to a 64-bit version of Windows 8.1?
-- How do I buy a physical DVD?
-- What if I added features to Windows 8, and now I can't update to Windows 8.1?
-- Can I upgrade from a Windows 7 touch-capable PC?
-- How do I get help?
-- Can I go back to my old operating system?

Windows 10 FAQ's

-- What is the free upgrade to Windows 10?
-- How do I get the free upgrade to Windows 10?
-- When will I receive my notification to upgrade?
-- How long will it take to upgrade my device?
-- What edition of Windows will I get as part of the free upgrade?
-- Will my apps and devices work with Windows 10?
-- How do I upgrade on a low storage device?
-- If I buy a new PC running Windows 8.1 today, can I upgrade it to Windows 10 for free?
-- Is Windows Media Center available in Windows 10?
-- Is the free upgrade offer available if Iím running Windows RT or an Enterprise edition of Windows?
-- Can I reinstall Windows 10 on my PC after upgrading?

Windows (Older Versions) FAQ's

-- How do I get into safe mode?
-- I can't delete a file because it is being used by Windows?
-- How can I update my Microsoft Windows computer?
-- Is it safe to turn off a Windows computer without doing a shut down?
-- How can I recover a file from the recycle bin?

Email FAQ's

-- I am unable to send or receive email?
-- I can't receive any email attachments?
-- Are spaces allowed in email addresses?

Printer FAQ's

-- My printer is printing smudged/distorted pages?
-- How do I fix a paper jam?
-- I lost my printer installation disk, how can I install my printer?

Network FAQ's

-- I can't connect to my network drive anymore?
-- How do I map a network drive?
-- How do I determine my computer's name?

Virus FAQ's

-- What is a computer virus?
-- Does Windows come with a virus protection program?
-- Can a virus damage computer hardware?
-- If I format or erase my hard drive will it remove a virus?

Other FAQ's

-- How do I delete Internet cookies?